32,484 pounds of material diverted from the landfill!

Composting underway​​​​​​
every Friday!

Low Group Rates Available!

What We Do
We are a compost processing service, giving Juneau residences, businesses, offices, organizations, and events the option to manage their waste responsibly. We work with people of all kinds to assess their current waste stream and provide a plan for a successful compost diversion program.
Who We Are
Your mom might say we're trash collectors. We think we're magicians. We collect large amounts of kitchen scraps, hook 'em up with our thermophilic microorganisms, and let them have a party. Then we deliver rich, earthy-smelling goodness to gardens. Not quite the same thing as dumping trash at the landfill, is it?

Run by long-time Juneau composter Lisa Daugherty, we have literally tons of composting experience and are looking forward to helping the community recover this valuable nutrient resource.

We love composting, and we know you will love it too!
Our News

Feb 16-18 - I'll be attending the Southeast Garden Conference in Haines. I'm looking forward to talks on soil, compost, heat collectors, and more!

Jan 31 - Our 10-month collection/diversion numbers are 16,560 gallons and 36,520 pounds! 

​Jan 19-26 - It's a beverage drive! Leave your coffee or tea donation out with your compost bucket and I'll deliver them to the Glory Hole's soup kitchen. (The full bean is in the Blog section)  -  DELIVERED on 1/29--THANK YOU!

Jan 1 2018 - The numbers are in for 2017! In the past 9 months we collected 14,876 gallons of food scraps and yard debris, weighing in at 32,484 pounds. THANK YOU ALL for getting the Juneau compost ball rolling. D'you think we can double that number for 2018???

ON-GOING - Gift certificates are available! You can escape the guilt of consumerism and give the gift of composting service to friends. They can even compost the gift certificate!

November 15 - I'll be talking compost in city chambers as part of the Sustainability Series sponsored by the Juneau Sustainability Commission. 5:30-7 pm. Bring your questions and ideas and come collaborate!  

ON-GOING - Help out by donating to our Leaf Drive!

Oct 31 - A big thanks to KTOO reporter Jacob Resneck for including me in his story in the Talking Trash series! He drove around with me on the compost route this summer, and here's what he put together .

Oct 16 -20 - I attended the Maine Compost School where I got practical and hands-on training and also toured many composting facilities. 

September 23 - Support the Housing First project, drink some beer, eat some food, and use our sort stations at Capital Brewfest @ the JACC. 

August 31 - Our running diversion totals are now:  15,656 pounds of material collected and saved from the landfill!

August 26 - Find our table at the JACC's Food Festival or attend the workshop on home composting. 

July 31 - Our running diversion totals are now:  11,973 pounds of material collected and 4,581 gallons of stuff saved from the landfill!

June 30 - Our running diversion totals are now: 8,621 pounds of material collected and 3,287 gallons of stuff saved from the landfill!

June 30 - We were highlighted in Corinne Conlon's article, Relearning Composting , in the Juneau Empire!

May 31 - Our running diversion totals are now:  3,479 pounds of material collected and 1,527 gallons of stuff not in the landfill! 

May 24 - We are now part of the Salt and Soil Marketplace! You can drop your organics off at HOOKED on Thursdays between 4:30-6:30. Simply prepay your bucket drop off online through their website when you order local food and handmade goods. (ON HOLD as of July 1--be back in Aug)

May 20 - Hustled @ the UAS Community Day event.

April 30 - Our first month of composting complete: 753 pounds of material collected and 312 gallons of stuff not in the landfill!

April 23- Composted for the Glory Hole's Empty Bowls fundraiser.

April 22- Hustled @ the  Renewables Fair for Local Solutions. Networked and   composted for an impromptu birthday bbq on the beach afterward!

April 19 - Check out the radio spot on KTOO's  A Juneau Afternoon.

April 12 -  Check out the article by Clara Miller in the Capital City Weekly.

April 7  - The first buckets have been collected!

March 31, 2017 - The first empty buckets have been delivered!